Alittle bit about Bernard...

BERNARD LOH’S first footsteps on the stage began in 1999 with hosting.  His interest in stage emceeing stemmed from his hands-on Mass Communication curriculum in Ngee Ann Polytechnic where he majored in Radio Broadcasting.

At age 18, Bernard’s stint in radio blossomed when he did an internship at 98.7FM and even produced and presented on the now defunct Passion 99.5FM upon graduation from NP. In addition, he also did a course with Ultrex Entertainment to learn the ropes of a disc jockey and hosted roadshows for them.

Today, Bernard works as a Program Producer in an online Christian Radio station. He has also recorded several Voice-overs for company profiles, documentaries and even TV series commercials for 8 International (Singapore’s Channel 8 cable-tv arm)

He is often described as having an entertaining, energetic, polite and dynamic personality on stage. 

Some of the organisations he has hosted for are HDB, WDA, Bosch, IBM, MCYS, Digiphoto (Singapore & Dubai*), Prudential and Southwest & Central CDC.


Someone once said : "There are no perfect weddings, only happy ones."

If you've even been to a wedding ceremony, you will know how important an emcee is.

Bernard hosts on an average of 16 weddings a year and the weddings keep coming.

"wise men speak because they have something to say;

fools because they have to say somthing."

                                             -- plato


From the launch of the HTC One M8 mobile phone to a three-day roadshow for UOB Bullion and Futures in the heart of the CBD, to flying off to Dubai to host DigiPhoto's HQ D&D....

Bernard's journey as a host/emcee has only just begun....

"i've been hosting for a  long time and everytime, it's a new experience, a new adventure and a new joy to see a smile on their faces."

BERNARD is a freelance stage host/emcee with more than 10 years of experience. he has a full-time job taking care of an online christian radio station. he also does voice-overs for corporate videos or commercials.